Welcome to Olofströms Kraft

Business Concept

Olofströms Kraft AB will meet customer requirements for reliable delivery of electricity, water, heating, cable TV, Internet and telephony with a high level of service from a dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

About us

Olofström municipality owns all the shares in Olofströms Kraft AB, which in turn owns all shares in Olofströms Kraft Nät AB, Olofströms Kabel-TV AB and Olofströms Energiservice AB.

Olofströms Energiservice AB owns half of the shares in associated Klåvben AB (with the remaining 50% stake held by E.ON).

Olofströms Kraft Nät AB

The company owns the power grid in the region, and its main activity is transporting electricity from various electricity suppliers to customers. 

Olofströms Energiservice AB

The company trades with electricity produced by hydropower. All properties and real estate in Olofströms Kraft AB, are owned by this company.

Olofströms Kabel-TV AB

The company's business is to distribute cable television broadcasts and Internet via cable and broadband to the recipients within Olofström municipality.